When you are tired, sleep.
June 8, 2011, 12:57 am
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Two weeks ago at a group yoga class the vibe was very straight forward. There were no pretty words to pull us through the poses, motivating us to stretch further or release more. We got the instructions we needed to move how we needed to move. There were no fancy Sanskrit terms. There were no nurturing reassurances from the teacher of our inner strength and potential abilities. There was only the pose, followed by another and another, until the end. At the end came the words from the teacher, and they were simple; “When you are hungry, eat. When you are thirsty, drink. And when you are depressed, exercise.”

There was something so basic and simple about this class that it reminded me to forget about the middle stuff and just do what needs to be done. When we are really listening to our bodies, then our bodies know what they need. I’ll add one more basic need that the yoga teach left out, “When you’re tired, sleep.” I am so ready for that.


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First, let me begin by letting you know how much I love your writing. I am always captivated by what you write. You have much talent that I know is followed by hard work. I am happy that you have done something like this to share with the rest of Us.

After reading “When you are tired, sleep” the first thought that came to mind is how difficult this is to accomplish but what a simple concept. I, like many others am so guilty of “well if I skip lunch today I can get this work done” which we all know the work is always there tomorrow for us to do. With that said, I am not promoting procrastination, we must do what we can now but, how do we find that balance.
I was in Bikram Yoga class yesterday and I found myself having to remain in Savasana because I was having great difficulty focusing on my pose and instead was focusing on my outer environment; the heat. My fatigue, lack of concentration, the elements were all getting to me and as a result I found myself rendered incapable of doing what I had set out to do. Ultimately, I persevered and completed the class in spite of the unbearable heat and I felt GREAT afterward.
How often do we find ourselves distracted by our environment therefore rendered incapable of reaching our goals, desires, serenity etc. Soothing words will not help us get to where we want to be, as your teacher was aware. The concentration and attitude comes from our own inner strength, that which God has implanted in us from birth and left up to us to cultivate.
Live Long and Prosper 🙂

Comment by Lea

Leandra, thanks for your beautiful words. You’re a light! I miss you so much! Very well said; all the exterior things can so easily rob us of that inner peace that God tells us to protect. We have to first seek Him and then it will be added unto us. I love the idea of cultivating that, which reminds me of what I was reading in Luke last night about the parable of scattering seeds and what happens depending on the different surfaces on which they land. We have to be like a rich soil. That means adding positive nutrients. You literally have to cultivate your self. We can’t stop the negative from happening around us, but you can control what goes in. That is such a liberating thought that God grants us that choice… but there are a lot of layers to peel through to get there. Shwew! Keep on keeping on, sister!

Comment by simplyenjoy

Hmmm well how nice to read this and thank you for mentioning my class here on your blog. The funny thing is that the quote actually goes like this “if you are hungry eat, if you are tired sleep, if you are depressed exercise” it doesnt have the thirsty part, but how ironic that you mixed that up and came up with the tired part on your own when it is actually there!!
I have always preferred simplicity in yoga, there is so much philosophy which to me creates a fine line between yoga and religion and sometimes the expression of all that can get too heavy and too complicated…. throwing out a bunch of Sanskrit terms can also just confuse the class, most people are not even familiar with the English terminology ….. I personally believe that when one can get as far as simply accomplishing the challenging task of connecting the mind and body and quieting the thoughtful, active mind, they can find perfection…in that moment….And then try to hold on to it or call upon it at will. I try to keep it simple always. Im glad you can appreciate that. I hope to see you soon :-)XO

Comment by Nika

That’s so funny about the tired thing! It seemed to make sense! Thanks for reading. A lot of extra stuff can get confusing for a lot of people. I look forward to taking another class soon 🙂

Comment by simplyenjoy

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