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August 22, 2011, 12:11 am
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There is a time for everything and everything comes in its perfect time. Wisdom literature has been telling us this for thousands of years. Yet the journey continues to confuse. We continually vacillate between searching, thinking we know and falling into despair or unhealthy patterns. I think it’s called being human. It’s called being imperfect. I’ve never been a creature of comfort. In some ways I think I’m addicted to discomfort and to stress… but not in a self-destructive way. For this reason I continue to release unhealthy patterns. I think we need a certain amount of stress in our lives (not all stress is bad!) in order to grow and to learn. Just how running and lifting weights puts stress on the body to perfect itself, so emotionally challenging relationships put stress on the heart. We choose to open ourselves up or to shut down, run away, hide or maybe even fight. Of course, these things don’t always feel like a choice in the moment (more like instinct or autonomic reaction) and there’s more to be said for that.

A complex mechanic, economic or social problem puts stress on the mind to solve it. If we direct our actions in a synergistic way to help relieve or cure the stress, then that stress actually becomes a positive opportunity and maybe even a catalyst for change. This is why it is such a challenge for me to see things in black and white or a this or that scenario. Without the sick, we have no doctor. Without poverty, we have no philanthropists. Without the problem, there is no solution. Good cannot exist without bad, not in this world anyway. We know this to be true on a personal level, as we recognize the good and bad traits in ourselves. I don’t think this way of thinking justifies the bad or makes bad things acceptable, but it presents us with a choice. We allow it to exist without interference, or we start by making changes, first in ourselves and then outwardly.

I am amazed time and time again by the beauty and despair in life. I stand in awe, mostly. Control is so futile. Such an illusion. Yet we cling to it thinking it gives us purpose. Reaction is a far greater power than control. It is in how we react that speaks to who we are and what we are becoming as a society. On so many levels. Just some thoughts over my tea.


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I totally agree! Without all the chaos, how would we stand in awe at miracles. Without the pain of childbirth, how would I have the awesome blessing of my children…Oh the thought of the mundane perfection that would be without trials and tribulations makes me scoff. I admit though, as I am going through the pain, I do pull back, I want to run and hide, but that is all apart of being “human” as you say, and when I make it past that trial, and when I come to the realization that oh my gosh, it has not gotten the best of me, but the best of me is now visible because of this..I can’t help but feel like I’m soaring on the wings of the eagles that God talks about in those words of Wisdom!

Comment by Dai

Very true. The Master said he that saves his life shall lose it but he that loses his life for my sake and the Gospels shall find it. When we give up ourselves for others and the Lord we find life.

Comment by John M. Lasota

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