Perfectionism as a writing (and living) block
May 16, 2012, 10:08 pm
Filed under: Behavior, Mind, Writing

A handy little pocket book sits on the nightstand.

PAGE 19 :

“Perfectionism is a primary writer’s block. We want to write – we just want to do it perfectly. Deliberately indulge in some ‘bad writing.’ The danger of writing and rewriting at the same time is that it is tied in to mood. In an expansive mood, whatever we write is great. In a constricted mood, nothing is good. This makes writing a roller coaster of judgment and indictment: guilty or innoncent, good or bad, off with its head or allowed to go scot-free. The computer, with its deadly ‘delete’ button, should be seen as a clear and present enemy. Most often, a small scrap of writing that we are tempted to send to oblivion can be saved in a ‘slush’ file and found to fit perfectly later.” The Writer’s Life: Insights from The Right to Write by Julia Cameron

so the point of this is to shiiiiirk off the stodgy

let the constriction choke on itself while words slide through unharmed

not going to dodge and try to get off scot-free

writing badly can be liberating

it’s like the more you see the truth and the more you believe

the less you need to try to achieve

all you do is receive (not to also toss off the work, but balance is harmony)

that’s a bit of the writer’s life to me… cutting off the censorship… the inner censor… or perhaps only turning the volume up on your voice that is most constant, most true.

Because writing is so entwined with living, this excerpt reminded me of how harboring a perfectionistic attitude keeps one rigid in daily living.

Great article attached!

Happy reading (and writing) if you’re so inclined.


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