Musical Monday: Be Still

One of the greatest errors seen in goal setting and behavioral change is a rush to the finish line.

We see an end in sight and we sprint to get there, thinking the faster the actions and the faster the results, the closer the goal will be.

What usually ends up happening, however, is burn-out or a falling back into old patterns of being because our body, mind or spirit was not able to handle the rapid rate of change. We were rushing to pour new wine into old wine skins.

We can not change beyond our ability to change. We cannot grow beyond our ability to grow. Just as a flower unfolds in its time, so we change in our time when nourished with the right tools and consistency of spirit and with a stable mindset.

Consistency and stability are the cornerstones of lasting change. There must be a place to go for peace and growth. A rooting place. This is why the 12-step program – one of the most successful processes for change in addictive behaviors – calls on the need for a higher power.

Take the example of someone sparked by a desire to lose weight or “get back in shape” so they start out strong at the gym, purchase lots of equipment or set idealistic goals for themselves. They may be on the up and up on the onset, on fire with change, but a few short weeks later they are in a deep valley, unable to sustain the practice, steps or program set up to facilitate change.

Their mentality was unstable from the get go.

A reason for regression or relapse into unhealthy patterns is our body, mind and spirit are not aligned together to handle the change that wants to occur, creating a disharmony or imbalance within us.

This imbalance can also be chemical or biological too, and if you are experiencing any of these things you should see a healthcare professional.

When undergoing any sort of change, whether it be physical,  mental or spiritual, always contact professional guidance to help you through the change. Just because WebMD and Google exists, does not make you an expert! Search your community for answers and guidance in your health journey.

As our nation turns its focus on mental health in the wake of so many senseless gun tragedies, I hope many will begin to see the utter importance of maintaining a strong mental and emotional attitude to be prepared for the challenges of life. Mental care can simply not be left out of the health equation.

It can be especially frustrating to fall into old patterns of being when you know your potential to change is there. Stepping back to take a mental, emotional or spiritual inventory of your journey is helpful to see what obstacles or issues lie between you and change. For this, a journal, special meeting time with a friend, relative, counselor or clergy member is helpful for rooting up deeper conflicts that may hinder any progress you’re attempting to make in your life.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 26:41 that change is difficult and requires diligence and attention in all our ways when He says, “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

We may have all the right intentions for positive change. We know our heart or mind is in the right place, but to know the imperfections of the body and of life (that unforeseen obstacles arise, that challenges happen, that our flesh is not perfect and can fail us) keeps us in the mindset to watch and listen closely.

I am personally taking a lot of inspiration from music lately, to help me at my job and in my own personal growth and challenges. I’m dubbing Mondays “Musical Mondays” and will be posting songs and videos that inspire change, transformation and growth in the journey.

“Though I am always in haste,

I am never in a hurry,

because I never undertake any more work

than I can go through with perfect calmness of spirit.”

John Wesley


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