Courage to continue.

Yesterday I posted a photo and quote from poet and author Sylvia Plath. Today Plath was featured in an article on the National Alliance on Mental Illness Web site celebrating national poetry month and shedding light on some of Plath’s own struggles with depression and suicide attempts. 

Today, more than ever, we must ask for and embody full courage just to go to work, to teach in our schools, to speak in our places of employment against injustice, against confusion, against hate and slow, creeping neglect of our attitudes, or our mindsets, of the degree of compassion that we display to ourselves and others around us. 

Yesterday’s explosions at the Boston marathon, little more than an hour from our home, reminded me of how close chaos really can be and is becoming more of a reality in this country. Though no discoveries have been made yet on the origin of these explosions, whatever anyone says, they are acts of terror. They have instilled fear, dread and emotional, physical and spiritual injury. 

Besides the obvious loss of life and great human injury that has occurred here, the very sad part is that many will shrug their shoulders, rant to friends, say “What is wrong with people? What is wrong with the world?” and then continue on as if nothing happened.

We must wake up and pay attention to our world, to our community, to our lives and those of our family. Be sober-minded, be thankful for life and all that is good – stay focused.

We continue on unaffected after such grand tragedies or attacks because on some level we expect the chaos and the drama and the absolute dark dread that comes with living. Or the shock of the news is so great that we have to “shut off” our mind and not process the great catastrophe. Maybe (yes, I do) we feel powerless against such great negative force. We think that somehow these things are set apart from us… that we aren’t participating in the world. That, maybe, we have nothing to offer the world? Is there nothing we can do to increase love? Is there nothing we can do to protect ourselves and stay focused on what is good and right and just? 

Lord, I pray believers in Christ  and others to react sensitively to the good in the world, to celebrate the lightness and goodness of your being

even when evil seems to dominate

Let believers hold one another up…

let us always encourage one another to do what is right and to live rightly

Even when it’s unpopular

Let us look always for your face

Let us always seek the courage

and wisdom

to discern what is truly good

what is truly lasting

what truth will endure and has endured.

“Let no debt remain outstanding,

except the continuing debt to love one another,

for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.” Romans 13:8 NIV 


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Love these comforting, sagacious words Steph, on such a difficult day. Thank-you.

Comment by Kay

Thank you for this. I can’t seem to find the words..
I am hopeful as we awaken a little more.

Comment by lauriesnotes

Jesus loves you!

Comment by John

Comment by simplyenjoy

Standing with you in that prayer, and in action to LOVE!

Comment by Daidree

Amen, Daidree!

Comment by simplyenjoy

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